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About One More Hour

And Sinsei Rock Musical BLEACH will kicks off its two month run. 

I know the ticket sales is not doing that good (Two month is long and too many seats), so I just hope the miracle of Naruto Musical will happen again.  (Naruto Musical was written and directed by the same guy, and it started out with not-so-good ticket sales, but all the tickets disappeared like magic by the final performance.  Nope, I am not lying.  I saw it with my own eyes.  Too bad it does not have DVD.)

Some more useful links

I don't know why I forget NHK's English website last time. 

NHK World English

OLIVE A database on tips to survive the daily life in emergency. 

Japan earthquake how to protect yourself A survival guide in 18 languages. 
BRICKs, a multi language call center, will provide free interpretation service for those non-Japanese speaking victims of the earthquake.

English, Chinese and Korean are available for 24hours. Portuguese and Spanish are available between 09:00-20:00.

Call 050(5814)7230 for the service, and call 03(5366)6001 for any question on the service.

被災外国人に無料の通訳サービス 電話で24時間体制





I was walking to a grocery shop when my twitter starts buzzing with lines like "It' shaking!" and "It's lasting long!" . I thought it was just another earthquake, but soon, my friends in eastern and northern part of Japan started to talk about trains stopping, powerline dying and glass and walls cracking.

Once I get home, I yelled at dad, who was working on his garden, to turn on the TV and was just stunned. This, without any doubt, is one of the worst earthquake we had in past several decades.

Now, I list some useful information that may help non-Japanese speaking people.

Google Person Finder, available in Japanese, Chinese and English.

oohamazaki 鮎(大濱崎卓真List of shelters in Tokyo on Google map

natu_c 加藤夏希
【お願いと拡散】日本語できない台湾人へ:在日台灣人,如發生急難事故,一時無法與駐外館處取得聯繫時,可以透過「001-010-800-0885-0885 或 0033-010--800-0885-0885」此專線電話向「外交部緊急聯絡中心」尋求聯繫協助

utadahikaru 宇多田ヒカル
For foreigners in Japan- News on the quake on NHK Radio 963, in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and French

aprikip たま @ 石の花座21番星
Je répète, les infos sur séisme sont disponible dans quelques langues y compris le français par NHK. Mettez la radio sur 693 kHz, pas 963.

【拡散希望】韓国人の皆さんのためにお願いします!【확산 희망】《일본에있는 한국인의 여러분에게》여러가지 불안이 있다고 생각 합니다만 당황하지 않고 부상 않도록 조심하세요!여러분의 안전을 기원합니다

OSK on NHK, Early Morning, August 20th

 A short documentary on OSK in Shanghai Expo, featuring 虹架路万 Nijikake Roman (She is Chinese Japanese, I believe) by NHK, will be aired.  
The airing date is 

 Sometime between 05:30-07:00 of August 20, 2010





OSK had appeared on a NHK programm "Ahoyanen, Sukiyanen (I am fool, and I love it!)" to cast challenge on three girls hosting Thursday's challenge section last month. The programm was only aired in Tokyo area, but now will be aired in Tokyo area as well.

The airing time is July 27th, 27:05-28:13 (July 28th, 3:05〜4:13) on NHK Sogo channel.

Anyone living in Tokyo area, this will be a good chance to have a look at OSK!

"Haru no Odori 2010" and "Minamiza 2010"

OSK is going back to Shochiku-za (April 3-April 11 ) and Minami-za (July 10-July 16) again!

For Shochiku-za, the musical will be the sequal for Sakura-hiko.

From "Sakura-hiko Hashiru!"

Too bad the OSK webshop does not handle "Haru no Odori 2009" yet.

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Accidental Trekkies

Two of my friends and I were having heated discussion on how it would be cool to have a cafe ran and served by Vulcans on an Uighur restaurant. A guy sitting close to us came to our table as he leave, and passionately agreed with our idea. We said "Live long and prosper" and he returned "Qapla'".

Several week after that, we were informed that there was a guy on radio speaking about three women talking about Vulcan's cafe on an Uighur restaurant. A couple more weeks later, SF geek friend inform us that a columnist was writing about three women at an Uighur restaurant having serious talk about how its cool to be served by Vulcan waiters and waitresses at Vulcan owned cafe on SF Magazine.

Now, the guy, who happened to be one of the biggest and well known Trekkie in Japan, managed to contact us through my friend's blog, and is suggesting about having a Trekkie party at the Uighur restaurant.

Life is weird and world is small.

My friend's blog article on the Vulcan Cafe Incident (written in Japanese).

The heated discussion was held at and a Trekkie party may take place at
Silk Road House
1-9-1 Jujo Nakahara, Kita-ku, Tokyo
TEL&FAX: 03-3906-7226
Store Hour: 11:00~24:00


Takefu 2010 DVD will be released!

Yesterday, Kiryu-san announced that DVD of Takefu performance will be released.  Fans have been requesting for release of  Takefu performance on video or DVD for a long time, and this is the first year fans' request is granted.  Oh, joy.

No detail on release date and price, but OSK will start taking order at Takefu.  I expect the price will be somewhere around 6000yen. 

If you are interested in getting the DVD, contact junklover by message or email (if you know mine). 

Okepi's report on OSK

The Okepi's blog reporting on practices of theater performances did report on OSK!!

It has a movie of practice session and another with interview. Also, it shows Shouchiku Channel's new Minami-za practice movie.

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