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That is what one of the big fan of Kida Tsuyoshi (I believe he have seen all of Kida's work for past 20 years or so), who started reading BLEACH after Kida's involvement with Burimyu was announced last year, and just finished up to vol.20 of manga told me last weekend. 

Yea, that is true, especially when he DOES NOT know the existence of Colorful Bleach!

I told him to get and read Colorful Bleach, so he can see plenty coughing and getting sick Ukitake, and see why some fans are so upset with Ukitake is running around and fighting without any breathing problem last Summer on the stage. 

He, not exactly a manga reader, is not exactly thrilled to know that there are more Bleach he must read to keep up with Kida's work.  (It was kind of funny because many Bleach fans at the spot recommended him to just read Colorful Bleach and Turning Back the Pendulum arc to if his intention of reading manga is to get enough infor about Urahara prior to watching REprise.)